Our Vision

Branding Solutions + SOCIAL IMPACT.


Maximizing your brand's business success as well as overall impact for positive change is our mission. Whether you're a large corporation, small business, non-profit, or an individual with a passion to do good. RAI GROUP INTERNATIONAL specializes in curating the best branding solutions to ensure both your business and humanitarian endeavors are prosperous.  

RAI GROUP INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to helping your brand create measurable Social Impact. Our team members have a diverse range of expertise in a multitude of industries both commercial and non-profit.  We are committed to excellence, and determined to ensure your brand's accomplishment in making this world an awesome place! 

As CEO of RAI GROUP INTERNATIONAL it is my personal mission to curate a more positive vision for this world. I believe in people... I believe that people have it within them to create a better world in some way, large or small. So often our media encourages us to spend our time, money, efforts, and "likes" on things that often times don't positively  serve our well-being as living creatures. With the right type of branding, we can help to  edify the good in the human spirit and encourage people to invest their time, money, and "likes" on services, products, and organizations that will encourage  us to be good to one another and the world around us. We can do this! Now is the time! 

At RAI GROUP INTERNATIONAL, we give our all each day to be accountable for the good works we can achieve. Change starts within each one of us, individually, then ripples out to the world. RAI GROUP INTERNATIONAL is a place for special individuals, companies, corporations, and non-profits to collaborate, stand as one, and make change. 

Let's SEE the difference, Let's EXPERIENCE a brighter world RIGHT NOW. Only we can create the optics!  

Peace and Love,


Jerrica Rai' Whitlock
Founder, CEO


Her Excellency Joyce Banda ,  Former President of Malawi

Her Excellency Joyce Banda, Former President of Malawi

BLK is Beautiful x Reclaiming the Crown ,  Fall 2018

BLK is Beautiful x Reclaiming the Crown, Fall 2018

Breaking Walls Foundation,   Warsaw Poland

Breaking Walls Foundation, Warsaw Poland